WSOP 2015 poker tournament review

With the  WSOP 2015 November 9 in the bag, it’s now time to for a poker recap of everything that’s happened so far

Joe McKeehen vs Joshua Beckley

The WSOP 2015 was sealed in a coinflip with Joe having A-K again’st Joshua Beckley’s 44,  Once Joe hit the flop it was pretty much a done deal – having a 91% chance of winning the final and top spot. Joe Beckley took home a whopping $7.683M in this mega poker event that started with a field of over 6400 players.

Before losing the hand, Joe had another epic hand and this time aginst Daniel Negreanu, with Negreanu eventually folding his A-K against Joe’s pocket aces.

So who are the top winners of the 2015 WSOP?

Joe Mcheenen  $7,683,346

Joshua Beckley   $4,470,896

Neil Blumenfield $3,398,298

Max Steinberg    $2615361

Ofer Zvi               $1,911,423

Tom Cannuil         $1,426,283

Pierre Neuville     $1,203,293

Federico Butteroni $1,097,056

Patrick Chan          $1,001,020

Alexander Turyansky $756,897


bubble Exit: Daniel Negreanu

The winning hand saw Josh Beckley shove his stack all in for 19,400,000 with a pair of 4s, 4c, 4d going up against McKeehens’ Ah, 10D. Since you should never fold when you have AT  in heads up and villian shoves, Joe had a prety easy decision and called pretty fast.

The flop was a Qs,10c, 5s giving Joe Mcheenen the impression that he’s in trouble, the turn brings a 5 of diamonds but it is the river card which is a Jack of clubs that clinched the win with a straight for Joe that beat out Beckley’s low pair

There are a handful of highlight moments in the WSOP 2015 that are actually pretty interesting poker scenarios that could really be interesting to watch. We suggest you take another look at some of the play of the November 9 in this tournament to improve yourself and your ability to read your opponents.

Joe McKeehen Poker Profifle

If you take a look at Mcheenen’s – you can see that the majority of his winnings have come from offline poker tournaments with buy-ins ranging from $1000 to  $1500  with significant winnings each time. This should show us all how important it is to specialize, honing your skills in one field until you are rewarded for your efforts.

Similar to Mcheenen, we recommend that you focus on a single variation of poker, be very selective in the tables or tournaments you choose to join, and focus on maintaining a healthy bankroll  and finding more places  where you can win consistently and improve on your strengths.


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