Ukraine poker regulation

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Poker is legal in the Ukraine, but playing poker for real money is not. Ukraine, in fact, is one of the only countries that considers Poker a skill game or an intellectual pursuit, so playing poker anywhere in the country is already allowed, just as long as there is no money exchanging hands. This his has been the law for many years, but a new draft proposed to the Ukrainian government in 2015, and soon to be reviewed again in 2016 with some revisions, will mean an end to the battle for legality in the country and bring legal online poker back to the Ukraine.

Ukraine gambling history

Gambling has been illegal in Ukraine since 2009, after a fire at a gambling hall killed 9 people. A long 7 years for the second largest country in Europe, with a population of 46 million citizens, some of whom are considered the best European poker players. In the years that followed Ukraine excluded gambling from the recognized economic activities in the country, meaning that it was legally impossible to operate a European poker site or landbased casino.

Ukrain new gambling law

The new gambling bill has started making its round in early 2015, since coming to light the bill has had to fight many hard battles, facing opposition from Finance specialists, the European Union, and internal members of the Ukrainian battles, and through these battles the bill has had to adapt so that it conforms with everyone’s expectations. The current version of the draft is displayed on the Ukranian Gaming Association website still has some issues that will have to be tweaked, the current ask for a yearly online casino license is 1,500,000 euro, a hefty sum that significantly limits competition for these licenses and guarantees that only the best European poker sites will be able to apply.

Playing poker in the Ukraine

there will be an explosion poker in the Ukraine, will you be part of it?

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