UK Poker Regulation

This post is part of a series about European Poker Regulation and features only legal poker sites in the UK

UK Poker

Poker is legal in the UK, both to play in land based casinos and poker rooms as well as playing poker online for real money, English poker regulation today is very mature relative to other sibling nations in the EU and poker as well as betting is almost everywhere.

Legal UK online poker

To offer legal poker in the UK, all UK poker sites must apply for an online poker license and after they receive this poker license all UK poker websites must pay a yearly 25% tax on all revenue. There are several more important restrictions imposed on legal poker sites in the UK, such as minor’s protection and data verification, but none of the other limits on poker sites in the United Kingdom affect your money. Find out more about how to find legal poker sites, if you’d like.
Poker players in the UK do not have to pay any tax on their gambling revenue, but they do absorb the loss of the poker sites in the UK through increased rake and fees. If you’re playing poker in the United Kingdom without a poker deal, there’s very little you can do to stop bleeding money to rake and fees. You must sign up through a trusted affiliate, like Eu Poker so you can get the best deals on the market to offset your losses.

Best legal UK poker sites

If you’re looking for the best legal uk poker websites, look no further and pick one of the great UK poker deals we have for you below. We especially recommend Ladbrokes poker, a strong brand with a long history in the UK market, a massive first deposit bonus and a large healthy poker network (ipoker) to earn money from

UK Poker History

The United Kingdom has a rich history with the gambling industry, gambling was originally regulated in the UK in 1960 and has gone through 5 major steps on the path to modernity.

English Poker Regulation in 5 steps

  1. Betting and Gaming Act of 1960 – first bill to allow legal betting on bridge and other games of skill
  2. Gaming Amendment of 1963 – Amendments added to expand the types of betting that can be offered by shops
  3. Gaming Amendment of 1968 – Allow founding of commercial casinos
  4. Gambing Act of 2005 – First regulation for online gambling
  5. Gaming Amendment of 2012 – Requiring all operators of gambling to purchase license and ringfence play within the country. All companies must now pay a 15% tax on all revenues.

English Poker in 2016

The UK Poker culture is very mature and the game will continue to thrive within the English borders, to be a profitable poker player in the UK you should really learn the ins and outs of the rooms that are offering play in the country.
If you stick to one room you lose out because:
You claim only one first deposit bonus – first deposit poker bonuses are better than all other bonuses poker rooms EVER offer!
Sharks have tons of data on you – Stay in place and sharks will get TONS of data on you! Alternate and by the time you come back to your original room your play will be completely different.

Interested in trying a new poker room in the UK?

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