Top 4 reasons poker players say poker is dying

This post is part of a series about starting poker in 2016

“Poker is dying!”

“There’s no money in poker anymore!”

Every time we hear someone say poker is dying we cringe a bit inside. We know this isn’t true because we play poker every day and continue to make a profit, so why are people saying that poker is dying?

After over a decade dedicated to this amazing game, we think we know why some poker players are saying that poker is dying.

top 4 reasons poker players think poker is dying

Poker is not dying, reason #1: poker players need an excuse for bad play

sometimes poker players run bad, and when they get asked about their poker play they make excuses. Because poker players are smart, they make up smart excuses, like explaining that the competition is getting tougher and they need to fight harder for their edge. The reality is that they are probably multi tabling forever, have not changed their habits in that entire time, and not even paying attention to the competition anymore because their habits are so ingrained.

Poker is not dying, reason #2: remove unnecessary competition

If you have a good freelance job, in an exotic field, and lots of people start to take interest in doing your job you’ll naturally tell them the job isn’t so good and they should actually stay away. Over the last years many MANY esports and other competitive gaming pros have been coming into poker and making a killing, telling people to stay away is just another way to make sure that these kinds of people stay away

Poker is not dying, reason #3: misunderstanding economics in non-1st world countries

If you live in a first world country and expect to make half a million dollars a year to support your lifestyle, then micro-stakes or small-stakes no limit holdem, is not for you. If you live somewhere where 1000-2000 euro a month is considered a killer salary then you must definitely want to be playing poker in 2016.

Poker is not dying, reason #4: it’s a tiny bit true

Yes, poker is much less popular now than it was a few years ago and there is many more options for people to gamble on nowadays than they’ve ever had before. But that’s the thing with gambling, people need it, and they will come to play poker to get what they need. Poker will continue to be a profitable income for many to come.

Poker Success

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