Sweden poker regulation

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Poker is completely legal in Sweden but the regulation is fairly outdated and the regulator started 2016 with a bang, describing the beginnings of a massive change to the online betting & poker landscape in Sweden, that will bring in more competition, and hopefully more revenue, to the country as early as 2018.

Swedish poker

Sweden is very big on poker, like its neighbors, and Swedish poker is known as a crazy, aggressive breed of poker that is always terribly annoying to deal with, and often leads to frustrating losses to aggressive monkeys. Gambling, in all its forms, has had a long tradition of legality in the country of Sweden, unfortunately the current rules are a bit outdated, and support a gambling monopoly that offers one online poker site with a fairly bad interface. There are many complaints by Swedish poker players towards the poker monopoly in the country, but one positive that they are quick to point out is the great rake structure for cash games that exist in the country (maybe it’s the lower fee that gets them so aggressive ;))

new Swedish poker regulation

The current plan of the Swedish regulator is to review the market and prepare a report until the winter of 2017, this report will serve as a basis for a proposal for new legislation that should be passed at the end of 2017, right on time for the Swedish gambling monopoly to end its 3-year contract. This, as has happened before in other European countries regulating poker, will likely create a problematic period of 6 months to a year where poker sites who will apply for regulation will not be able to offer play and Swedish poker players will be stuck waiting like others have done before. Let’s hope that the Swedes learn from the mistakes made in other European poker countries, and avoid this unnecessary period.

Swedish poker today

If you want to play poker in Sweden today, we recommend you look outside of the sites offered by the country, as Sweden does not ban legal European poker sites for fear of angering the European commission over the European free trade agreement. Any online poker site that is legal in the EU can be played in Sweden and most of the come with great deposit bonuses, so what are you waiting for?

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