You started playing poker in 2016, you want to take the game seriously but you’re not sure if you can make money playing poker online. Luckily, playing poker online in 2016 is still very profitable, even if you heard differently. Yes, there are a few poker sharks in the water, and you will have to be careful if you want to be truly successful playing poker, but there are still too many bad players to count and much money flowing around than you can earn in a lifetime.

Who are we to say? We are professional poker players with over a decade of love and passion invested into the game, we play every day and continue to make great profits from poker in 2016.

We welcome every aspiring poker player who wants to apply these simple poker success rules into the Eu Poker family. Once you finish this article start on your journey by picking the best poker site for you from our selection of the best European poker websites. Ready to start? Great! If you want to be profitable at poker, you have to approach the game like a professional and that means seeking information and analyzing everything (including this post!) In this post we’ll tell you exactly how you can start to make money from poker in 2016, we assume you have little to no working knowledge of the game so if you’re a more advanced player you may want to skip a bit ahead

Poker success in 2016 in a few simple steps

Before you do anything else, read up and make sure you memorize, think about, and come to a solid understanding of how poker works and the fundamentals of playing poker online.

Memorize poker hands strengths & odds for hitting your hand

The first, most basic step to becoming a poker player is memorizing poker hand strengths so that you get a solid understanding of when you are ahead or behind. The second step is to understand the odds of hitting a hand, whether it’s you who is waiting or your opponent. You can search for both of these subjects online, stay away from opinions and look for facts about the math behind the different combinations and plays in poker.

Plan your starting hands

You’re almost ready to play but before you start there’s one more thing you have to do before you play poker online and that is to plan what hands you are going to play during your poker session. In a standard game you are dealt a lot of opening hands, most of which aren’t profitable to play mathematically (if you didn’t know this look it up), you’ll write down all of the hands you plan to play in your first session in an organized way based on the position you’re sitting at the table.

Take a piece of paper or open excel and write down with what starting hands you plan to open before the flop and with what starting hands you plan to call before the flop per position at the table, for example: a good opening range for a beginning poker player in utg is usually all pairs, AJ suited or better and maybe King Queen suited, poker notation for this range is 22+, AJs+, KQs.

Decide what hands you’ll play for every position at the table whether you are the aggressor or calling somebody else’s bet. Once you establish this set of rules on paper the game will be exponentially easier.

First profitable poker session

Got that covered? now is the time to start playing poker online and get a feeling for the game. You might be tempted to try play money poker at this point but we encourage you to stay away from those games because you’ll pick up bad habits from the players around the table. Instead pick one of these rooms that lets you play for real money with little to no money down. As you play poker start looking at the poker patterns for each street and with each hand. Don’t be afraid to look at hand histories after every hand and try to understand the thought process that went into each decision. If you’re aware of the patterns you can start to spot them and later abuse them.

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No longer new to poker

If you followed all the steps in this guide, you’re officially no longer new to poker. Use your knowledge to gain an advantage at the table using one of our great deals, remember that if you choose to deposit at a poker site with Eu Poker you will become part of the Eu Poker family and can get a personal poker account manager, training and help for all your poker questions. Don’t wait, start playing poker online today!