Spain poker regulation

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Poker is legal in Spain, both playing poker online for real money as well as playing in land based poker rooms and casinos. Spain actually has a long history with the gambling industry, and have had their own laws regulating gambling establishments long before the EU took any interest in the sector.
Once EU Poker was regulated by the European Commission, and a firm set of rules was established to monitor real money poker sites, Spain was one of the first to implement new online poker regulations in the spirit of the new EU decisions. Together with other key countries in the EU, like France, Italy, and the UK. wave together with poker legistlation carried out in Europe by Spain and other countries like France, Italy, and the UK.

Spain Poker History

Before entering the EU, Spanish gambling law was not created at the national level, but at the county level like many other countries (such as germany) in Europe. Spain is split into 17 counties, and all 17 counties have had long standing gambling regulation well before the EU stepped in.

Legalizing online poker in spain

Online Poker was legalized in spain in 2011. The bill that regulated online gambling in the country, also introduced ring fencing for the Spanish poker players within the country and since they have only been able to play in .es poker sites.

Profitable poker in spain

Spanish online poker, like most regulated online poker, comes with a heavier rake than unregulated poker because the poker room shares its profits with the state. The central benefit is that the site must pass over all financial reports/rng numbers to the state and they do examine to make sure that all is well and poker players are not defrauded.
So rake is high and you are only limited to playing with other poker players in spain, now what do you do?

  • Take advantage of poker first deposit bonuses in the new sites that will pop up in 2016
  • Hunt for fish across several levels
  • Visit land based poker rooms or set up home games with other players you know you can beat

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