Portugal poker regulation

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Poker is legal in Portugal, and poker popularity in Portugal seems to be on the rise but not everything is rosy in this beautiful country of 10.5 million citizens. In fact, the country’s poker scene has been one of the most vocal in resisting the poker regulation imposed by their country which they consider creates an unsustainable market. Portugal drafted a new law on the subject of online gaming in june of 2014, under this new law, four forms of gambling became legal to operate online from beginning of 2016.

Portugal Legal online gambling

online gambling is legal in portugal for

  1. fixed odds sports betting
  2. horse race betting
  3. bingo
  4. games of chance, including casino games and poker

The original version of the law only saw contest from operators because of a six-month freeze period between license application in june of 2015 and receipt in January of 2016 meant that poker rooms and online casinos would be operating illegally and could be blocked or fined. Recently, in a statement made on January 2016, the Portuguese regulating body, has shown interest in ring-fencing the poker ecosystem and that has got the players really riled up. Even though Portuguese poker has no tax imposed, the act of ringfencing the economy was enough to cause mayhem and in response the online gamblers union in the Country (ANAon) has enacted a full boycott on legal poker rooms, and many poker players have joined this boycott, in an effort to change the mind of the regulator before it becomes too late.

playing poker in Portugal

Portuguese online poker is in a period of conflict; pro gamblers are planning to boycott legal Portuguese sites so traffic will be fishy (though you know some other poker players will see the opportunity in this boycott). If you don’t want to take your chances playing online, there are 11 legal casinos spread across the country that can sustain a poker player for quite some time.

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