Poker Tournaments & Sit N’ Goes


Its always better to specialize, especially in poker. Luckily,  there are many great and profitable options to pick between when choosing the type of poker you’d like to play.

Today we’ll cover poker tournaments, or in other words: put in a dollar, walk away a millionaire!

Poker tournaments have a very high risk reward ratio, and let you make big bucks for the price of a cheap entry ticket. Since poker tournaments offer such great rewards large, reputable poker brands like to have many different formats of poker tournaments to keep things interesting.

Trying to reach the same high reward on a cash table would require a lot of patience and time or playing against much tougher competition.

Since the player pool in many of these poker tournaments is so large, you also have to accept that you won’t win, or even reach the bubble,  in every poker tournament and it is important to make the right decision and let the cards fall where they may!


There are many strategies to playing poker tournament but here is the gist:

  1. Protect your stack early, play only when you have a reason.
  2. Eliminate weak competitors that have low stacks, steal blinds where possible.
  3. Ramp up blind steal and use your stack to put pressure on your opponents

Want to understand these points better? read our early, mid & late game articles!


Want to learn all about the different tournament types and how to beat them? start learning about poker multi table tournaments(link) or Sit N’ Goes(link)

Want to learn about the different tournament formats poker rooms offer? usually the formats are hidden behind unclear icons, and that is why we’ve created the Big Poker Room Tournament Icon Explanation Table


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