Poker tournament Types

There are two main types of poker tournaments: Multi Table Tournaments and Sit N Goes. Within those types there are many different Poker tournament formats for you to try.

The main difference between multi table tournaments and sit n goes is actually quite silly, and we bet you didn’t know it! so drum roll please….

Multi table tournaments start at a predefined time, no matter how many users enroll while Sit N goes only start once the tournament is full.

Crazy huh?

Multi Table Tournaments – The idea behind a multi table tournament is pretty simple to learn – you enter the poker tournament by paying for a buyin (or bi, as the pros call it) as well as a fee that goes to the poker room which is usually 10% of the cost of the buyin. Once the tournament starts everyone gets an equal stack of chips. The goal in a multi table tournament is to win as many chips where possible and get to the end with a healthy stack that will put you in position to bit whatever is left of the field. There are many different formats and options in multi table tournaments, and its important to be aware of what you can do, head on over to our poker room tournament format table to familiarize yourself.

Since every poker room does tournaments differently, you can also feel free to review our poker room poker tournaments progression table for detailed info on starting chip stacks, blind levels, and other super interesting comparisons.


Sit and Gos – These are some of the most popular tournaments types and can consist of only table or many poker tables playing simultaneously. As we said before, Sit N goes only start when all seats are filled up and continue until only 1 player remains or a deal is struck (Want to know what rooms give you the ability to make deals? we have a table for that too!).

Sit N goes are a great source of profit as well as a great opportunity to make money through rakeback.

It is best to play these conservatively and open up more tables to fill up your time.  You can learn all about Sit N’ Goes in our Sit N Go strategy series.



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