Poker Tournament Formats

There are many, MANY, formats of poker tournaments in online poker rooms, each one creates a slightly different variation on the main game and to win you should make some adjustments.

for reference a normal poker tournament usually starts when everyone has 1500 chips and each round of blinds takes between 8-10 minutes. you can expect these tournaments to have players who are mostly reserved, look for the monkeys in the table and try to take their money, everyone else will be doing the same.


Main Poker Tournament Formats:

Turbo Tournaments Strategy

In turbo tournaments blind levels are shortend and that means everyone has less time to get a stack in a good size, these tournaments feature a lot of shoving matches by players once the tournament gets to the 500,1000 blind level and that is why its best to have a healthy stack by then so that your tournament expectations don’t devolve into  blind luck.


Hyper Turbo Tournament Strategy

In hyper turbo torunaments the initial stack is severely cut to about 10-15 blinds, each blind level time is also reduced. In these matches its extremely important how you play the early game,

As you move farther into the game you’ll start to have something that looks more like a normal poker tournament chip stack and so you’ll be able to play normal poker. In the beginning, though, you’ll have 300-500 chips and likely between 1-2 opportunities to either double yourself or leave the torunament early.

– Never limp early

– Always shove a decent hand

– Shove medium hands late to steal

– Don’t shove bad hands ever because you will be called a large portion of the time


Hype turbos are usually occupied by GTO monkeys, if you have a love for mathematics in poker this is your game


Deep Stack Poker Torunament Strategy

In a deep stack tournaments all players usually start with an stack that is twice as big as the normal tournaments played int his room. This variation allows for a lot more freedom to play the game early because you have more to work with but with it also comes the opponent’s ability to use that large stack against you. You can feel free to play as you like early, but if you see that you’re committing more than 20% of your stack to a hand start to think about the value of your hand and if you plan to take it all in


Re-buy Tournament Strategy:

In re-buy tournaments, all players are allowed to rebuy for the initial entry fee if they lost their stack or it fell below a certain threshold for the first stage of the tournament.  This is a great tournament type for gamblers because they can just keep going crazy and buy back into the game and we do not suggest you make these tournaments your living unless you have a very healthy bankroll. This tournament type can be a very steady income if you can handle the huge swings that come with the extra gambling early on.


Satellite Tournament Strategy:

Satellite tournaments have prizes that are entry tickets to larger tournaments. In some rooms its possible to grind these and then cash out the tickets for money. These tournaments are played by all tournament players because they are either free, cheap, or cost points. Most poker players enter these while they do other things and you can expect that the level of play will be very low. As long as you play decent poker and show interest in what’s happening around you you’ll be in a better situation that your competition.


Freeroll Tournament Strategy:

Freeeroll tournaments are exactly what they sound like, free tournaments 🙂 Why do they exist? as promotions for the poker room of course! Can you make money off them? most certainly! Go to a small room that offers these every 10-20 minutes. Put a few hours to grind them all and you’ll have a starting stack of 5-10$ in no time!



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