Poker Tournament Bubble

So far we’ve discussed poker tournament types, poker tournament formats, we’ve given you some general poker strategy tips and even some tips about avoiding tilt and staying sane through the grind. Today we’ll expand on the topic of poker tournaments and rain some tournament bubble knowledge down on you.

What is the bubble in a poker tournament?

The bubble in a poker tournament refers to the last exit of a player before the money phase. We say that the bubble bursts once the last player exits and all remaining players in the tournament are in the money (will get paid when they exit the tournament).

For example – if you go into a tournament that has over 1000 entrants and there are 15 top winners, a player who’s in the bubble may end up being 16th or 17th place resulting in them just barely missing their chance of winning some money and making the time they spent playing on the tournament worthwhile..

Some players consider poker tournaments to be more about luck than cash play, but we at eu poker most definitely disagree.The strategy you’ll use to take advantage of your stack size and position to either improve your stick or at least stop the bleeding will decide how deep in the money you’ll go.

A poker tournament at a medium to large size poker room could typically take around 7 or 8 hours depending on the number of players who enter and the number of players who are in the money. Most poker players at this point of the tournament are exhausted in subtle ways and they don’t notice that their aggression falls off and their decision making goes south just enough that they are no longer generating chips but instead are now bleeding them out every round.

The basic strategy at the bubble is very simple and yet it’s very hard to implement


Poker Tournament Bubble tip #1: 

Find the spots where you can use your late position and stack to steal as chips from weaker players who have shallower stacks.


Steal from: people burning time, mid shallow stacks

Avoid stealing from: super shallow stacks(they’ll be pot committed), risk takers (they are fun committed), biggest stacks (they can afford the gamble)

Poker Tournament Bubble tip #2: 

Avoid acting unless you are willing to commit the rest of the tournament you’re playing to this hand

A typical big stack player tends to bully others and as a result plays very loosely – showing less fear of gambling and going for the big win while very shallow stacks will push all in quickly and force you to fold or commit you to a pot you didn’t want to commit to.

Poker Tournament Bubble tip #3:

Don’t play too many flops!

this usually happens more frequently when you are closer to the bubble giving yourself more tunnel vision about reaching that point rather than continuously playing smart

Poker Tournament Bubble tip #4:

Play the math!

Try to enter into situations that you know are profitable, then even if you lose you’ll still be able to sleep at night!


Well, these are our tips for you today. We’ll continue to write, and write and write until you’ll be the best poker player we can make so tune in soon for the next article on poker strategy!


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