Poker success tips

If you’re new to Poker and are looking for a great start, there are some things you should know. At Eu Poker we’ve broken this advice to a few helpful tips that should help guide you on your way to the next step of Poker Enlightenment.

Ready to get started?!?


Poker Success tip #1:

There are many variations of poker, focus on one!

there are many different formats of poker, the most popular format today is Texas Hold’em, but you can also choose to play: seven card stud, stud hi-lo, texas hold’em limit, Razz and Omaha.

Once you pick the format the fits you, you need to choose if you’d like to play cash or tournament poker. Each type has its benefits and flaws and you need to figure out what’s right for you. We strongly urge you not to just pick Texas Holdem cash because it’s the most popular – the money is everywhere (even if it sometimes doesn’t look like it) and you should find the format and type that’s right for you.

If you’re going to become good at poker (or anything really 🙂 ) – you should dedicate your focus to that one thing exclusively for a while before moving on to something else. Grind a game you enjoy until you’re better than everyone else and then move on.


Poker Success tip #2:

Understand the Poker meta in your level of play

Whether you play online or land based, every table is going to feel different. Loving poker is learning to love reading and understand the events happening at your table or at your level of play.

Ask 2 players in different limits how they play a hand and they will give you two completely different answers, if you’re a micro stakes player, holding TT early and facing a 3bet you’ll probably fold your hand while a mid stakes player will often shove it in. The micro player played the hand completely different from the mid stakes pro and both acted correctly for their level!

You must learn how the people at your level of play react to situations so you can take advantage of these trends.


Poker Success tip #3:

Take advantage of undisciplined players

We all have bad days, and it’s your job to find the people who are having a bad day, or are just worse than the general population, and take their money. Poker is a ruthless game and you must be ruthless to survive, don’t stick to a table with 6 nits, don’t stick to a table where a an aggressive player has position on you. Always move around if you don’t feel that the conditions are just right, and make sure you focus on finding the people who will make you rich in the long run.


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