Poker Strategies

Poker is a complicated game, on the one hand there are volumes of theory to learn.. libraries could be dedicated to this game!

and on the other hand each single hand can come down to pure luck of the draw and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.

If you’ve played a hand of poker you know that sometimes things don’t go your way.

Here at Eu Poker we know what it feels like to make the boneheaded play and that’s why we bring you this basic poker strategy guide.

So, you’re sitting at the table and the hand starts…

Maybe you lost your head on the flop, and checked when you wanted to bet.

Or maybe you overbet on the river turning a value hand into a bluff and you sit, cold sweat on your neck, and wait for better hands to call.

But the end result is almost always the same, and boy its not pleasant!

This is why having a solid poker strategy memorized when you approach the table is key to a successful night.

It doesn’t matter if you play poker online or at a cruise, if you want to win you have to be mindful of the table, the hands being played, and the way your competition responds.

So what should we think about when we approach the game of poker?

You should consider what hands you plan to play throughout the night (There are poker hands I shouldn’t play?) before you sit down. Do you really need to play 3-7? what about 4-8, and are you really having fun throwing 5 more blinds away peeling the flop with a J-4?

You should keep in mind Which of your opponents is a good match for your style of play (online players use software to analyze players, learn how) and what their weaknesses are through the night. Easy things to spot are people who overcommit and just don’t fold, aggro monkeys that need to be checked to so they can bet their house away at you (for more types check our player types brief)

There are many things to think about and we’ll keep producing more strategy for you to read about and profit from so come back to us soon and learn more about Poker Strategy from Eu Poker


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