Poker regulation in the Czech Republic

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Czech poker is legal, as well as many other forms of gambling in the Czech Republic, but regulation is incomplete and betting online for real money is still not yet allowed. Recent news hot off the press in April of 2016, indicates that the lower house in the Republic has approved a radical new bill that will legalize online poker and other forms of betting as well as impose new taxes on gambling operations in the country starting in 2017. This bill could still be shut down by the senate, but this is definitely a positive step in the right direction for online poker players in the Czech Republic.

In case you were wondering, there are currently plenty of casinos in the country, and gambling is a pretty popular activity. A complete ban on online betting, that predates the current wave of regulation, has created significant grief for local operators and this bill is a result of some effort by the local gambling lobby in the country, a sector hungry to expand online and compete with the best European poker websites.

So regulation is not likely to get worse for poker players in the Czech Republic, and you can expect to be able to comfortably continue to play where you have been until the new law kicks in. It is unlikely that the government will take any further action until the new online gambling bill is passed through the Czech Republic’s senate and becomes a law in early 2017.

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