Poker regulation in Slovenia

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Poker is legal in Slovenia, a country of 2 million citizens, but regulation to legalize playing poker online is still very much under way and although the country is certainly making progress towards a decent framework for online poker it does not look like Slovenians will play legal local online poker anytime soon. Slovenians are big fans of the casino, and the current regulation that is underway is tailored specifically for casinos, by creating a legal framework where international operators in the country can apply for a gaming license and exist legally, and protects the sports betting and lottery monopolies in the country from competition in the future.

Slovenia casino regulation history

Gambling has been legal in Slovenia since Slovenia became Slovenia. Breaking from Yugoslavia, this tiny nation never outlawed gambling in its history, choosing instead to capitalize on this industry by creating monopolies for each product. Recently, Slovenia, partly due to pressure by the European Commission, is taking a few steps forward to legalize casino operators in the country (which means legal poker) and has even relented on a few of the articles of the bill as time has moved on. The update of the current bill has been a long drawn struggle between the country and the European Commission. Past attempts at regulating casinos online, with the last being in 2013 failed miserably due to non-compliance with European Norms.

Slovenia poker regulation in 2016

This month, March 2016, saw a new bill introduced that would legalize online gambling in Slovenia. The initial proposed bill was quite restrictive but after extensive negotiation the current proposed law is much more liberal. We are talking non-ring fenced, unlimited operators, free of the shackles of owning a landbased business in the country. This bill is very promising but it’s not expect to be certified until May of this year, this means that you can continue to play poker from Slovenia on the biggest poker sites online without any issue for the rest of the year. Hopefully Slovenian poker players will be able to start 2017 with a legal, profitable career, based on the solid foundations set down in this regulation.

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