Poker Product Reviews


There are a number of poker products out there that give players a huge advantage advantage against their opponents when they play poker online. 

If you plan to play poker seriously you really should check out poker product reviews and have an idea of what the cost is as well as what features the poker products have. 

Best Poker software for you

The first, and probably best known poker software is Poker Tracker. Having been around for many years, Poker Tracker is already on its fourth version and offers a heads up display that helps understand the opponents and your own cards and the odds of hitting the hand you want.

Poker Tracker is one of the most reliable and well known products on the market having the product that’s’ been around for one of the longer periods of time. Among the major features, you will find:

– Interactive Reports

– Interactive Graphs

– Interactive Filters

– Drag and Drop HUD Profile Editor

– Money Flow Charts

– Overall Luck Bell Curve

Sites that support Pokertracker

It’s important to know which brands Poker Tracker can be used for, so the major ones include

  1. Full Tilt
  2. Poker Stars
  3. Everleaf
  4. GTECH G2
  5. Merge
  6. 888
  7. Bodog
  8. Party
  9. OnGame
  10. MPN
  11. Ipoker
  12. Cerues
  13. Winning
  14. Barriere
  15. Winamax
  16. Enet
  17. IGT
  18. Everest

Pokertracker Alternatives: Poker Office

Another poker product that’s used frequently is Poker Office.  Among the longest running products for poker, Poker Office is developed with the capability of handling more than 100 online poker rooms. For this product review, you can see the following features listed below

  • Real Time Heads Up Display
  • Extended Graphs
  • Hand Replayer
  • Filter Statistics
  • Poker Odds Calculator

Pokertracker Alternatives: Holdem Manager

The next poker product review is Hold Em Manager. Currently the most recent version of this product is HM 2 and can be found at

  • Versus hero stats which allows you to see how your opponents play specifically against you
  • Mini-charts in the HUD rather than traditional stats
  • New HUD Control panel, which allows the player to see instantly
  • Full customizable home view – both internally and 3rd party developed HM2 widgets

There are several brands that Hold Em Manager work with – they include Winner, Titan Poker, Iron Poker, 888Poker, Red Kings, and Party Poker

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