Patterns of playing poker online

This post is part of a series about starting poker in 2016

If you’re new to poker in 2016, or just started taking poker seriously this year, then you must be hungry for poker success tips and information. The best information you’ll get will often be on the table itself as you analyze the poker hands and decisions you and your opponents make. One of the most important elements of playing poker successfully is understanding the patterns that other players take with the hands they play and what each pattern means for that player. Confused? Keep reading and it will all become clear.

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Decisions in poker are always simple, you bet, check, or fold. The sum of all decisions we take throughout a poker hand is called a line and the lines (patterns) poker players take tend to repeat themselves. Keep an eye for the patterns we list below and try to figure out how to abuse them

Online poker patterns

Online poker pattern #1: Opening hands before the flop by raising

Every good poker player knows that if you want to open a hand before the flop you have to do it by raising, usually the raise size is 3 times the big blind. If a fish limps (called the amount of the big blind) into the hand before the flop you add an extra big blind on top of your original bet size and you’re good to go. This is one of the most basic patterns in poker, it is almost always the correct play. Looking at the players on the table try to figure out how to make use of this poker pattern and how to break it.

Online poker pattern #2: Flop continuation bet

The second most common pattern you’ll see out of regular poker players even has its own name: the continuation bet. Most poker pros you’ll meet at the table will almost automatically bet on the flop IF they bet before the flop. Continuation betting the flop is almost always the right play, meaning that people will overuse this pattern and we can abuse their play.

Online poker pattern #3: 3betting out of position

Another common trend you’ll see out of poker players is to reraise their best hands before the flop when they are out of position relative to the original raiser. So if the small blind has pocket QQ he will likely re-raise any bet made on the table before the flop. Starting to understand how your opponents play different hands will help you narrow down his possible holdings and stand a better chance to abuse his tendencies

Online poker pattern #4: Everybody calls

Another common poker pattern, especially in lower levels is “calling stations”. Calling stations are unexperienced poker players that call bets too often. Calling bets is generally considered bad play unless you have a defined plan to play the hand across all streets, so don’t do it yourself and hunt the players who do by betting strong at them when you have good hands.

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