Poker in the morning, poker in the evening

Is playing poker in the morning the same as playing poker at night?

Every poker room has an identity, every blind level has its caveats, and every poker player is a unique challenge. But what about the time of day? Is playing poker in the morning the same as playing poker at night?
Can we expect the same juicy fish in the afternoon as we do in the evening? The rooms are massive after all, drawing players from all walks of life, so does it make sense to expect some consistency?

poker in the morning

Morning poker is usually characterized by tired professionals and neurotic gamblers, you don’t see much fancy play in the morning and when you do you can be certain it’s one of these personalities.

morning poker players

  • FISH – “Binge personality” – he’s looking to end his day with 1 last thrill, win or lose he’s here to have fun
  • FISH – “I didn’t go to work today” – Looking to have fun, he’s here to stretch the experience as long as he can and maybe even cashout a shiny 100$ at the end of his work at home day
  • SHARK – “Fresh day at work” – Lookout for this one! he just finished his cereal, had his coffee, and is ready to kick some ass.
  • SHARK – “Binge personality” – Poker is my life, anytime is a good time to play poker. He’s tired but he’s still thinking, look to make good honest money against him because he’s probably going to make some silly mistakes in straight forward spots.

poker in the afternoon

In the afternoon the breakevens wake up and start their long march to rakeback heaven.

afternoon poker Personalities

  • FISH – “I didn’t go to work today” – Mr. “I didn’t go to work” is still building his stack, but evening is coming and he’s feeling playful and taking bigger risks
  • SHARK – “multi-tabler” – the serious multitablers wake up somewhere in the afternoon and start their 6-8-hour work day grinding up to 20 tables in the safest style possible, they are neither a threat nor a money cow
  • FISH – “life sucks, lets gamble” – they’re logging in from everyone, play 20-30 hands and leave forever, they are sick of what they’re doing and want to break away and let their mind do something they enjoy for a few minutes. Prime Fish, grab ‘em while they’re hot

Poker at night

A poker night is a wild night, here money and danger go hand in hand.

night poker Personalities

  • FISH – Drunk: “oooh button!” – playing poker at night you find the biggest calling stations, the oooh button type of player who call 3 streets with nothing at all. Forget betsizing here, bet crazy and maximize your value
  • FISH – Drunk: “I’m phil Ivey!” – drunk maniacs can be your best friends, just remember that a healthy bankroll cancels fear and let the calling fist begin
  • SHARK – “Drunk fish, Yay!” – They are not interested in you and they are not bluffing, they are here to skin some fish and you better get in their way only when you have a good hand or an exploit of his playstyle
  • SHARK – “Everyone’s looking at the fish, Yay!” – Some rare players hunt the hunters, they are looking to steal from straight forward players whenever there is no interest in the pot. Stay away, there are better opportunities out there

Playing poker in the morning is definitely not the same as playing poker at night, refer back to this article next you play and validate these personas

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