Playing poker in euros, always the best idea?

Playing poker in euros has become incredibly simple over the years, with the majority of big sites offering games in the top European currency. But is it always the best idea to play poker in euros?

Poker in euro

The euro is by far the biggest currency in Europe, and the European union has an interest in keeping the euro strong and stable. All of this is very good news for a poker player looking to make some money in his poker room. So why would you not want to play poker in euros?

Poker is usually a game of volume, you want as many active people so that you can sit in quickly and start playing the texas holdem you know and love. Naturally playing in euros is then always the best idea because there’s always the most people playing poker in euros.

Poker in local currency

Although this is mostly true, there are many players for whom the conversion rate from their local currency to euros is still too high and they can’t afford to play poker in euros. So what do these players do? Find a way to play in their local currency!

Most of these players fall into the category of wild fish, who never fill up their stack and can make for relatively easy profits if you play honestly. This is not the place for wild bluffs and crazy play, play honest and drive for value and you can have some easy pickings when you find a poker room that offers both euro and local currency.

Our goal in poker is always to make money, having an extra few hundred in our pocket at the end of the month always feels better. This is why you should try a room that offers play in euros and local coin, you will mostly play in euros, but you’ll always have the option to sit in on a hot local table and boil some local fish and add them to the stack 😉

Want to play poker in euros and your local currency? Try out these European poker rooms and we’re sure you’ll make a bit of cash

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