poker in Europe in 2016

poker in Europe in 2016 looks very promising and there are many exciting things to look forward to across Europe. It is safe to say that the worst of regulation is behind us and that now that the rules have been set and cemented, there are a number of reasons to look forward to getting back onto the poker table in 2016

Poker side income in 2016

If you are like most of us in Europe – you have a full time job but sometimes you just feel like you can do better. Playing fis one way to do that at least part time, as a way to allow yourself more freedom in your life. While online poker in Europe may never be your full time job or career, it can be a huge help in getting you that extra something you wanted for you or for your family. Make sure to check the country table to see which brands rank best and chose the one that fits you best.

Poker in Europe in 2016 looks like a safe haven for recreational & semi pro level players that can continue to enjoy playing for low initial put in with high potential reward.

Poker camaraderie in 2016

There’s no doubt that playing poker helps you build a friendship with people who you’d obviously never have known in the past. Among many reasons, one of the biggest reasons to join a poker table is to meet people who are from all over the world.

Of course this is just the online world, you can also find yourself much more close with people offline by just discussing poker whether it’s the latest WPT event that took place or your favorite limit levels.

Overall – poker has brought a lot of people together in what has otherwise become a very cold world that involves a lot of hatred. Imagine what would happen if some of the leaders of the world would just settle their differences in poker rather than war and cutthroat politics.

Poker in 2016 will continue to grow, with many new players joining from developing counties in Asia & Africa, we’re sure they’ll lose their hats at first and then learn like the rest of us.

Travelling for the game –

Need an excuse to travel? Why not go to a country that allows you to play poker landbased & online and utilize your skills to win back some of the money you spent? If you are in a country that is not legalized or limited to taxation such as Italy or Spain, you can travel to other countries and get an opportunity to play some real games against other real players and not only pay off your ticket to the country you’re in but pay for the accommodations and food while you’re at it.

Interested in great online poker room choice in the country you’ll be visiting?

Poker in 2016 feels promising and reborn, will you be joining for the ride?

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