Poker California Dreamin’?

Among the various states where poker’s making a return that include New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia and Delaware – California seems to be one of the up and coming states that has huge poker fans buzzing about the return of online poker exclusively for California residents.
Of course this is still very dependent on the laws being changed through the bill that has to be passed in the state houses across the country, namely as a result of a major scam that took place behind DraftKings.

California betting bill

The name of this new bill is called “omnibus” approach to online gambling, which has yet to make its appearance despite a lot of talk and buzz about it, it is more about Sports betting than it is about online poker.
While online sports betting is still very much taboo – online poker in California seems to realistically have a bigger fighting chance of going through as it tends to be a bit more mainstream and has a history in California and throughout the US that paints it in a bit more of a positive light for a few reasons that include the amount of revenue it’s generated for the country, and for the states federally, its ability to encourage a lot of offline activity that otherwise wouldn’t be there such as the WSOP and other great yearly events that come with a lot of sexy extras like trips to Vegas and throughout Europe.

Gambling in California

A lot of California residents tend to think about Daily Fantasy Sports when it comes to online gaming, but it is a completely different mindset and tends to have a different element to it than online poker that allow it to exist regardless of what laws pass in the coming weeks and months.
The reason for this is because sports betting is one of the oldest traditions and whether it’s legal or not, players will find a way to bet on fantasy sports.
However, with online poker – because of it’s mainstream attention and history, it is likely to create a lot more positivity for each state it passes, having already pass through three that include New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware as well as some rebellious poker sites from Europe who found a way to offer their brand in the US.
At this point – being in the first month of 2016, if you will give the US another 3-4 months you will find that there are two possible scenarios – one is that the States will get on board with reaching some new bills to pass the legalisation of online poker or they will just focus on fantasy sports and depend on the traditional methods of betting that will continue to run without the mainstream attention that poker has been so instrumental in getting.

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