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There are many great rooms to chose from online in poker. The networks are quite big and of course while it matters where you live and whether you are able to join that poker room, if you are fairly new to the online world, it can become both confusing and a bit intimidating not knowing where to go to start your poker game.

Picking Poker Room: Size

There are pros and cons to playing poker in either a small or large poker room, the first consideration should be the level of your game and what it is you’re looking for. A site like Poker Stars is of course an example of a large poker room that has many tables to chose from and great selection in terms of tables and tournaments, which works well for most micro stakes and small stakes poker player. But when you move up you may have to spread your bankroll a bit to find the best games.

Other rooms that tend to have a big selection include 888 Poker, Party Poker which are both well known and have nice bonuses. You’ll also find that the bigger rooms tend to have great ongoing promotions outside of the deposit bonuses such as Christmas bonuses, leaderboards and reload bonuses.

At the same time – when you’re joining these rooms also consider that there are also a lot of very strong players which, while it could help your game, if you are new to the game you may want to avoid going up against at the start to maintain a solid bankroll. So if you’re going into these rooms – be selective as to which tables you go into so that you know you’re not over your head in the level you play.

Another advantage of playing on larger size rooms is that you can use poker software such as Hold Em Manager, Poker Tracker, Poker Office and various others. These tend to be a very big advantage especially if you are in need of a way to keep track of your stats and your gameplay and are using it to maintain and constantly improve your game.

If you’re undecided – and there are a number of things to consider – perhaps you can sign up at more than a few to see for yourself what works best and see how things go, be sure to check out our recommended list of poker rooms to read further and get the best offer possible.

Picking Poker Room: Variety of Games

Everyone will agree that the most popular game to play in poker is Texas Hold Em, it tends to have the majority of the players and is usually evenly split between limit and no limit poker.

You’ll also find that if you’re looking for Omaha there are a good amount of tables for those as well but notice that it is usually Pot Limit Omaha which would still be decent.

One of the biggest challenges in choosing a fairly smaller site or brand is that there tend to be less players to go up against, especially depending on your hours of play. In this case – if you are in a particular country like Western Europe, you should look for the peak hours to go and play so that you are full of choices – so for example if you are in Sweden or Germany you should expect to see the most players around the evening time around 7 pm to 11 pm

If you are only able to play at night then keep in mind that the number of players will be much lower and you may want to consider a tournament to play in or otherwise focus on playing on the weekends. A schedule does make sense if you are going to be playing at a more serious level so that you can consistently get your poker

Lastly – the thing to look forward to in a poker room is low competition. The level of your game is very important to this last factor because you may very well already be ready to play at a higher level but if you’re fairly new, you may want to go into poker and make it more of a social game at first to get to know and understand the game better.

Typically if you are going to be playing for the social aspects you should play in low stakes games, and are not overly concerned about your profit but if you are more serious then you want to keep track of your bankroll and make sure not to get into a situation where you are outmatched by every player at the table.

Keep a close eye on this as it’s an important aspect. One room that we recommend looking at is Red Kings Poker which is on the On Game Network. Here you have leaderboards, a nice bonus and an opportunity to get both a strong deposit and reload bonus.

Picking Poker Room: Software and Graphics

While this may be less trivial to your overall winnings at times – many players consider good software a must because there are less problems like maintenance or delays in the game.

Graphics are also a big part of the game – you may be a very visual player and want to be comfortable with what you’re looking at especially if you’re opening up over 5 or 6 tables at a time and want to keep your focus on what’s going on in the game. For this we recommend some of the bigger rooms like Poker Stars, Full Tilt and 888 Poker.

While there are many more aspects to chose from – these are a good start point to look at – other factors to look out for are deposit bonuses, customer support, as well as deposit and withdrawal options. These area all things you can find out very quickly and while they vary from brand to brand the best brands tend to have good levels of bonuses and customer support to help you keep your poker game an enjoyable one.

If you want to learn more about the best poker rooms that we recommend in your region – then check out our country section and select the best room that fits you from our list.

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