Norway poker regulation

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Poker is legal in Norway, both playing poker online as well as playing poker in land based casinos, but the country has been stubbornly resisting fair competition with private poker sites online in favor of its internet betting monopolies for quite some time. This is unlikely to change in the future without a regime change in the country. The current ruling party seems to have tied the issue of gambling monopolies with social ideology (gambling spend is being used for social welfare) and have not backed down from their position, even under extreme pressure.

Norway is part of the EU single market, an agreement that pushes its member states to at least give some thought to the wishes of the EC before continually ignoring them. You’d expect the country to embrace the single market mentality they chose due to its many great benefits and adopt the idea of private competition with the best online poker websites. Unfortunately, all efforts so far to open this sector in Norway by the European Commission have been unsuccessful.

Norway, in fact, served as the setting for one of the biggest legal battles in the history of gambling law in the European Court.

Ladbrokes vs the government of Norway

In its full name: Ladbrokes Ltd. v The Government of Norway, Ministry of Culture and Church Affairs and Ministry of Agriculture and Food
Ladbrokes vs. Norway discusses the right to establish a private business in the EU, Norway defended its stand not to allow private business due to the humanitarian benefits of its monopoly but the EU explains that under current law financial humanitarian/social benefits does not constitute real justification for legislation and concluded that the bans on private online betting companies are unjustified and licensing is the only way forward.

Playing poker online in Norway

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