New Jersey Poker Stars

Poker is back in Jersey! To celebrate another state making the right decision about poker, we’d like to offer you 4 great reasons to play poker in New Jersey:

  1. Play poker in New Jersey #1: Competition is spicing up: With 2016 officially one month in, it couldn’t be better to be a player if you’re a New Jersey resident. For those of us who remember being a poker player back in 2005 – you understand exactly what we’re talking about. The thrill of having a list of full tables to choose from – most of which are English speakers and are American citizens. Among the major poker brands in NJ to choose from who are all competing for you to join them include – Poker Stars NJ, 888 NJ, and WSOP NJ just to name a few. While plenty of Euorpean poker brands exist and give you a plethora of choices – it’s also nice to have some local brands which ensure a lot of variety
  2. Although many articles will claim that it’s hard to know what to expect – it is the players themselves who determine what the outcome will be and have a lot of staying power if they join now. There’s no telling how the laws will change especially with the Presidential elections coming up – you want to start collecting points now before things change as they did in the past with major brands and also get into the action before another scandal breaks loose
  3. With Poker Stars being a competitor in the US in the upcoming months – the excitement and buzz is starting to build as those who are veteran players have something to look forward to that brings them that satisfaction they remember having, while new players can really get a taste of what a major brand like Poker Stars feels like when it’s just filled with Americans
  4. While poker has been through a lot of ups and downs and you’ll hear a lot of people, mainly disgruntled Europeans, it is the future of American poker that’s really picking up steam and that says a lot for fans of the game and those who want to make a serious run at it.

While it’s still unclear what exactly we can expect – one thing’s for sure it’s now more than ever a great time to get back into poker, get your skills back up, read up on some of the strategy guides including those that you may have had back in 2006 when things were at their hottest and get ready for another big wave which we predict is due to happen around the time that a major change is happening in the US – namely the Presidential elections

Also – one thing to keep in mind is that unlike the early days of poker when US was still going strong – you now have A LOT of free poker software to choose from to make the game a lot easier to get into including Poker Tracker, Poker Office, and Magic Hold Em just to name a few. In most cases – Poker Tracker tends to be the best but be sure to check out our comparison table to find out what features these programs have to chose the best one for you!

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