Are we the only ones that miss strip poker?

It’s like no one talks about strip poker anymore and we think that’s just wrong!
What red blooded male wouldn’t love outsmarting his woman and then getting her clothes as a reward on top! This game was built for us! And we’ll never stop believing that it can be popular again. We all know women are now a big part of poker, so why can’t we see a resurgence of strip poker? We think we will!
Official lady apology (men, feel free to skip to next paragraph 🙂 )
Its at this point that we’d like to acknowledge that every new poker player in 2016 is a great addition to our game, so we of course apologize if we offended any of our female readers in any way.
So we believe in strip poker, but are we the only ones? Fortunately, we’re not! and Pornhubcasino actually has tables of strip poker running 24/7! And the chicks aren’t half bad! not always of course, but clicking away is easy 😉 and you’d be surprised how many people choose to strip on their lunch break. Pornhubcasino also has normal poker btw, and the tables that run are super soft – full of limping drooling fish, but we don’t feel like talking poker strategy today so that will be all for that.
Give Pornhubcasino strip poker a try, you only live once and this might be the last time any of us get to play 😉

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