Italy poker regulation

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Poker regulation in Italy is one of the most mature in Europe, with Italy being one of the first three countries to regulate poker after black Friday. Italian poker regulation is actually quite interesting because Italy is one of the few countries which place poker firmly in the skill game category and enforce a different set of regulations on poker players than other gamblers. This is of course a giant blessing for poker players in Italy and is a welcome precedent for other countries in Europe and the world.

Italian betting history

betting is established in Italy today but it also has a much deeper, and darker, history for the country and spans back all the way to the Romans, who used up the time they weren’t conquering neighboring territories to bet on dice, invent & bet on gladiator battles, invent and bet on baccarat, invent and bet on bingo and much MUCH (believe us!) more. Archeologists have even found remains of complete betting shops, outfitted with signs outside and tables inside, could these have been the first casinos ever made?

Modern Poker regulation

Poker in Italy was actually outlawed until 2006 when regulation was passed through the Italian parliament that allowed games of skilled and slightly loosened restrictions on games of luck. There are currently 4 casinos that have poker rooms in Italy: Venice, San Remo (where the EPT stops), Campione and Saint Vincent (all in the north of Italy) as well as a handful of online Italian poker rooms

Italy brick and mortar poker

If you’re looking for brick and mortar poker with bad, BAD, fish in Italy you have to find one of the coffee shops that have popped up like mushrooms in every Italian city and sit in for small tournaments and cash games. This is not a great living if you are living in the eu currency country, but if you’re just visiting from a country with lower exchange rates this can be an ideal money making spot for you.

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