GPL La Sunset wildcard pick

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For the first wildcard pick in this year’s draft, the LA sunset General Manager Maria Ho picks… Aaron Paul! The surprise pickup out of Hollywood had this to say: “I love Poker as a game and mindsport so I’m excited to be part of this new eSports League. Representing the LA Sunset together with some of the best players in the world should be a blast.”

Aaron Paul is of course best known for his TV and movie roles, where he tends to fill the bad ass / incompetent 20 something role, a role he executes to perfection time and time again – most notoriously in “Breaking Bad” one of the better shows to come on the air in recent memory.

Alex Dreyfus, founder and president of the Global Poker League, had this to say about Aaron’s pick: “we created GPL to engage with the game’s global fanbase & having Aaron Paul joining the League with a Wildcard spot in the LA Sunset, is an amazing milestone for us especially because he himself is a real fan. I can’t wait to see him learn, play and I hope he does well.”

Global poker league growing pains

Today will kick off the second week of GPL matches. In most sports, we mostly see draft picks before the season starts but Maria Ho has just picked her first of 2 wildcard picks and we still don’t know who the second is! We expect that this, along with few other glitches, is a factor of the GPL’s growing pains in its first season. All the ideas are there for a great esport, and next season will be stellar.

Global Poker League Player Exclusives

Over the course of the seasons we’ll be running a daily poker analysis of one of the poker stars in the Global Poker League, if you’re interested in learning more about the teams and players join us every day and learn something new about the Global Poker League

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