GPL – Day 2, Match 2: Randy Lew vs Sergey Lebedev

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The 2nd Global Poker League match of Day 2 was also between Randy Lew, AKA nanonoko and Lebedev. During the match commentators clued us in to a few interesting details of the competition, like the fact that the poker stars playing can actually hear each other and talk through skype, or that 6-max matches will mainly be played on Tuesdays which are set up as longer days in the competition.

GPL – Day 2, Match 2: Analysis

Another slow start to a good heads up match between two titans of poker. The match lasted 69 hands and saw Randy Lew finish on top again (3rd time in a row! ) after a short stack shove by Lebedev with TdJs vs Lew’s Ad2h

GPL – Day 2, Match 2: Hand #14

In an almost prophetic hand we see a crazy display of poker decision making skill from nanonoko in this hand. Randy Lew opens Th8s with a standard 2.5x raise and Sergey calls with 5sAc. The flop hits and it’s a 3s9cTd, giving Lew a top pair. Randy Lew Continuation bets and Sergey floats with the ace, calling the bet. River is an A, a card that improves Sergey to top pair and doesn’t allow Randy to bet for value, unwilling to turn his hand into a bluff Randy checks behind on the turn. River improves Randy to two pair, giving him the best hand. Sergey bets half pot, Randy calls (min raise anybody?) and takes the pot.

GPL – Day 2, Match 2: Hand #20

Second interesting hand of the match saw Randy open 6d7h and Sergey defend Ah76s. The flop is 5sKh7c and Randy chooses to pass on continuation betting the flop. Turn is a 3c and Randy still has the best hand with second pair, Randy bets about 60% of the pot then sergey re-raises by 3x, taking a hand with marginal equity in the form of backdoor straights and turning it into a bluff against a relatively call happy player. Randy folds and Sergey takes the hand.

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