GPI European Poker Awards Media Content of the Year

Yesterday we wrote about the 15th Global Poker Index (GPI) European Poker Awards (EPA) that will take place during the European Poker Tour (EPT) festival in Monte Carlo and put special focus on Breakout Player of the year award. Now Let’s take a look at the runner ups for the Media Content of the year award. Why? Just because we think these pieces are great!

The Future of Poker in the Post-Boom Era by Sam Grafton

The Future of Poker in the Post-Boom Era is a heartfelt piece on the perception and life of the modern poker pro, you can find it here but you really need the stomach to read this (so be warned!)

The Thrill of Victory, The Agony of Defeat by Neil Stoddart

This is actually 1 image, 1 very well timed image that captures the essence of losing while winning big. In this picture Stoddart captures Montury consoling Messina during the EPT Malta. It’s a chilling reminder of what we all go through as poker players and a worthy competitor for Poker Media Content of the year

Devilfish: A Friend with a Heart of Gold by Jesse & Mickey May

Devilfish: A friend with a Heart of Gold is at times uplifting and at times very sad. For those of you who don’t know, the Devilfish, poker player Dave Uliott, passed away recently from cancer and this piece is a fitting tribute to his name. A man who loved poker to his end, and helped to bring poker to many living rooms across the world.

Eli Elezra talks time in Israeli Army and high stakes with legends by Remko Report, PokerNews Podcast, August 2015

Eli Elezra loves to talk about his past, and every occasion always holds a few gems about life as well as poker. This nearly hour long podcasts does not disappoint and comes packed with great Elezra moments. The interview is pretty easy to find, if you’re interested, just a quick google search away.

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