Confused about the Global Poker League? saw a Global League Player get disqualified after 2 seconds and went searching on the internet? So did we! And this is everything you need to know about the Global Poker League games.

Looking for a Global Poker League Stream? Look no further. Want an overview of the GPL teams and their players? Get the full list of players per team here

Global Poker League Rules

There are two basic formats in the Global Poker League, 6-max no limit texas holdem and heads up no limit texas holdem. Throughout the Global Poker League season teams will face off in 90 minute matches that feature one of the two poker formats. Before each match, competing teams pick the poker players who will face off (not everyone competes in each match)

Global Poker League 6-max Rules

game type: NLHE (No limit texas holdem)

Poker Format: Timed tournament

Player Starting Stack: 25,000 chips per player

Blinds: Blinds increase every 8 minutes, starting blinds are 100/200 and highest blind level allowed is 2,000/4,000

Player game clock: 13 minutes for all decisions.

Global Poker League Heads-Up Rules

game type: NLHE (No limit texas holdem)

Poker Format: Timed tournament, ante

Player Starting Stack: 50,000 chips per player

Blinds: The Global Poker League Heads Up matches are ante tournaments. Blinds increase every 4 minutes, starting blinds are 200/400 with a 40 chip ante, the highest blind level allowed is 2,000/4,000 with a 400 ante.

Player game clock: 18 minutes for all decisions.

Global Poker League Scoring

The Global Poker League is an e-sport based on a scoring system (unlike regular poker) so players don’t come or leave the table with money. Instead teams are given points based on the performance of their players each week in the different competitions of the tournament. Scoring in the Global Poker League per game format is

Global Poker League 6-max Scoring

  1. First Place – 7 points.
  2. Second Place – 5 points.
  3. 3rd place – 3 points.
  4. 4th place – 2 points
  5. 5th place – 1 point
  6. 6th place – 0 points

Global Poker League Heads Up Scoring

In heads up matches only 2 players compete, winners receives 3 points while the loser gets nothing (very fitting for heads up we think!)

Global Poker League Home VS Away Teams

Even though the Global Poker League will always be hosted from the same location – except for the final which will be held in wembley – each match will feature a home and an away team. The benefit of being the home team is that the home team gets to pick last after seeing who the away team has picked to play in the event.

Global Poker League Game Clock Explanation

In every poker match of the Global Poker League, each player has his own game clock for the entire duration of the match. Once a player’s game clock runs out he or she is given exactly 2 seconds to make every poker decision (bet/fold/raise) until the end of the match. If the player takes longer than 2 seconds, they automatically fold. If a player loses all his poker chips before his game clock runs out, his remaining time is distributed evenly between the rest of his team.