Global Poker League Americas Conference Wildcards

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The global poker league is just 3 days away! If you haven’t been paying attention the Global Poker League is the most exciting poker E-sport event of 2016, with 12 teams participating from all over the world. In February, team captains for the 12 global poker league teams picked their first team members in an action packed 3 round draft. But player selection is not over! And over the last few days, teams have been picking their Wildcards, at a rate of 2 teams per day.

Below you’ll see all GPL Americas Conference selections, or you can check out the GPL Eurasia Conference Selections

Global Poker League Wildcard selection

In addition to the 3 players acquired in the Draft, each team is to pick 2 wildcards (based on the team owners wishes) and without consideration for the Poker Index on which the draft is based. Many of the teams have already picked their wildcards but a few remain and they will announce their picks in the coming few days up to the grand opening of the tournament

GPL Las Vegas Moneymakers wildcard selection

The Last Vegas moneymakers will be having their GPL debut on April 5th at 15:30EST (21:30 UTC), their wildcard selections are: Scott Ball and Chris Moneymaker. Their wildcard selections join an already great team made of:

  1. Anthony Zinno
  2. Jonathan Duhamel
  3. Jake Cody
  4. Jonathan Little

GPL New York Rounders wildcard selection

The New York Rounders will also be having their GPL debut on April 5th at 15:30EST (21:30 UTC) playing against the Moneymakers and the other Americas conference teams, their wildcard selections are: Tyler Kenney, Bryn Kenney. Their wildcard selections join a strong team made of:

  1. Jason Mercier
  2. Tom Marchese
  3. Kevin MacPhee
  4. Jason Wheeler

GPL San Francisco Rush wildcard selection

The San Francisco Rush wildcard selections are: Faraz Jaka. Their wildcard selections join an already great team made of:

  1. Phil Galfond
  2. Tony Gregg
  3. Kitty Kuo
  4. Anton Wigg

GPL Sao Paolo Metropolitans wildcard selection

The Sao Paolo Metropolitans selections are: Felipe Mojave, Joao Bauer. They join a great team of:

  1. Darren Elias
  2. Byron Kaverman
  3. Thiago Nishijima
  4. Joao Pires Simao

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