Global Poker League Teams

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If you’re just getting into the Global Poker League now, then you missed the crazy draft that was held in February. The Global Poker League teams were partly decided in this 3 round poker draft that allowed team captains to choose any poker player from the top 1000 players in the Global poker index. It was a pretty cool event, at a very nice casino, that spread over two days and decided the fate of 60 professional poker players. The teams are not final though and two wildcard selections are available to each team, wildcards are picks that the owners are allowed to make at their own discretion without any requirements.

Global Poker League Teams

These are the GPL teams as they stand today, we will be bringing you exclusives on each team in the coming days, so make sure to come back to Eu Poker!

GPL Rome Emperors

  1. Rome Emperors Captain: Max Pescatori
  2. Mustapha Kanit
  3. Dario Sammartino
  4. Timothy Adams
  5. Walter Treccarichi

GPL Montreal Nationals

  1. Montreal Nationals Captain: Marc Andre Ladouceur
  2. Mike McDonald
  3. Martin Jacobsen
  4. Pascal Lefrançois
  5. Xuan Lui

GPL New York Rounders

  1. New York Rounders Captain – Bryn Kenney
  2. Jason Mercier
  3. Tom Marchese
  4. Kevin MacPhee
  5. Jason Wheeler

GPL San Francisco Rush

  1. San Francisco Rush Captain– Faraz Jaka
  2. Phil Galfond
  3. Tony Gregg
  4. Kitty Kuo
  5. Anton Wigg

GPL Las Vegas Moneymakers

  1. Las Vegas Moneymakers Captain – Chris Moneymaker
  2. Anthony Zinno
  3. Jonathan Duhamel
  4. Jake Cody
  5. Jonathan Little

GPL Sao Paulo Metropolitans

  1. Sao Paulo Metropolitans Captain– André Akkari
  2. Darren Elias
  3. Byron Kaverman
  4. Thiago Nishijima (Decato)
  5. Joao Pires Simao

GPL London Royals

  1. London Royals Captain – Liv Boeree
  2. Igor Kurganov
  3. Vanessa Selbst
  4. Chris Moorman
  5. Justin Bonomo

GPL Moscow Wolverines

  1. Moscow Wolverines Captain – Anatoly Filatov
  2. Dzmitry Urbanovich
  3. Vlad Troyanovskiy
  4. Andrey Pateychuk
  5. Sergey Lebedev

GPL Los Angeles Sunset

  1. Los Angeles Sunset Captain – Maria Ho
  2. Fedor Holz
  3. Olivier Busquet
  4. Eugene Katachalov
  5. Chance Kornuth

GPL Berlin Bears

  1. Berlin Bears Captain – Philipp Gruissem
  2. Brian Rast
  3. Sorel Mizzi
  4. Dominik Nitsche
  5. Jeff Gross

GPL Paris Aviators

  1. Paris Aviators captain– Fabrice Soulier
  2. Elky
  3. Davidi Kitai
  4. George Danzer
  5. Mike Leah

GPL Hong Kong Stars

  1. Hong Kong Stars – Celina Lin
  2. Weiyi Zhang
  3. Raiden Kan
  4. Dong Guo
  5. Bryan Huang

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