Global Poker League Schedule

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Global Poker League news is flooding the poker channels as the teams gear up to play in only 4 more days! We’re getting more and more specifics about the Global Poker League schedule and as well as updates on game play and teams.

Global Poker League schedule – regular season

The Global Poker League Schedule will start in 4 days, on April 5th and will stretch until September 22nd. There will be three matches per week, matches will always be held on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. All matches will be broadcasted online, and you’ll be able to find them here at Eu Poker once the Global Poker League season starts.

Global Poker League schedule -first week

This is the week it all starts, on Tuesday broadcast will start at noon EST (so 18 UTC) and will feature 4 events

Global Poker League schedule -first day

Eurasia 6-max
Game times: 12:00 EST, 13:40 EST
Teams: Hong Kong stars, Moscow Wolverines, Berlin Bears, Paris Aviators, Rome Emperors, London Royals.
Americas 6-max
Game times: 15:30 EST, 17:10 EST
Teams: LA Sunset, Sao Paulo Mets, Montreal Nationals, San Francisco Rush, New York Rounders, Las Vegas Moneymakers

Global Poker League schedule – second day

Wednesday We’ll be seeing the first round of normal matches. The schedule for day two of the GPL is:
12:00 EST Stars vs Wolverines
14:30 EST Bears vs Aviators
17:00EST Emperors vs Royals

Global Poker League schedule – third day

Thursday we’ll be seeing the second round of normal matches, and the last matches for the week. The schedule for day three of the GPL is:
13:00 EST Sunset vs Metropolitans
15:30 Nationals vs Rush
18:00 Rounds vs Moneymakers
We can’t wait for the first week of matches and hope you’ll be watching along with us. Feel like talking about the GPL? Leave us a comment below.

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