Global Poker League First Day Eurasia Match Round Up

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Yesterday, on Tuesday, August 5th 2016, the Global Poker League officially began. All GPL matches yesterday were played online and with live commentary. Each match during the day featured one player representative from each GPL team.,

Eurasia 6 Max – First Match

The first match of the day saw representatives from the Eurasia conference face off in a great 6-max match. The players for the first match of the day were:

  1. Dzmitry Urbanovich
  2. Daniel Cates
  3. Weiyi Zhang
  4. Walter Treccarichi
  5. Davidi Kitai
  6. Igor Kurganov

Eurasia 6 Max – First Match Highlights

The game started off with a bang, as Igor Kurganov raised to 600 from middle position with QhTd only to be 3bet to 1800 by Walter Treccarichi in the big bling. The flop came 8s7hAh and Kurganov quickly folded to Treccarichi continuation bet.

After a few quiet rounds we saw Kitai defend the big blind with A9 vs Cate’s raise in the cut off with 77. On an A high flop Kitai checked and called Cates’ continue bet, turn was checked all around, and Kitai wisely led for value on the A river.

Few minutes after Cates loses with 77, we see a curious hand where Treccarichi raises from middle position, Urbanovich 3bets from small blind with AA, Cates 4 bets from the big blind with AK, Urbanovich takes a few seconds then shoves his stack (which covers Cates by about 3000) and Daniel Cates instantly calls with his AdKc. Flop whiffs Cates completely and the first poker player to be eliminated from the Global Poker League is the Berlin Bear’s Daniel ‘Jungleman’ Cates!

Next player to get disqualified was Walter Treccarichi who saw his stack drain over a few key hands, then shoved his raiming 6,000 chip stack all in with Ks9h against Igor Kurganov KdTh, the flop was a meaningless Jh4d6s5d4c and Treccarichi is out.

Our next all in came from Wiyi Zhahng who, shoving JcQc preflop against Kitai’s pocket 8’s. Flop came QdTd9s, giving Wiyi the advantage, but a J on the river gave Kitai a straight and the win.

With 3 players left, we see an interesting play where Urbanovich (middle stack) limps preflop from the small blind, Kitai shoves pocket fives from the big blind and Urbanovich calls. Flop is meaningless and Kitai wins again, increasing his stack to 1023,084 against Kurganov’s 26,516.

Action was quick and Kitai emerged on top after a final hand that saw his pocket queens beat out Kurganov’s 8h6h.

The Global Poker League is shaping up to be a hell of a tournament, join us for more daily commentary and analysis only at Eu Poker

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