Global Poker League First Day Eurasia Heads Up Round Up.

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The Global Poker League started yesterday, and what an exciting first day it was! Get an analysis of the second match between the Eurasia conference teams now at Eu Poker, home of the best European poker sites.

Yesterday, on Tuesday, August 5th 2016, the Global Poker League officially began. All GPL matches yesterday were played online and with live commentary. Each match during the day featured one player representative from each GPL team. The first match was won by poker legened Kitai, awarding his team the aviators a precious first win for the season.

The second match of the Eurasia Conference featured Randy ‘nanonoko’ Lew face off Sergey Lebedev in a very solid match.

Eurasia Heads Up – First Match

Unlike the first match, this heads up face off started lazily with the first meaningful hand coming in a few minutes into the tourney. In this hand we see Lew open with J4 on the button and Lebedev called with J8. After a continuation bet by Lew on 8 high flop all action died down and Lebedev took the first meaningful pot of the match without trouble.

After this put Lebedev continued to chip away at Lew’s stack, playing aggressively both on the button and when defending his blind. With everything going Lebedev’s way and stacks sizes at about 60,000 to 40,000, Lew again bleeds another 10,000 chips on a 2 street continuation bet strategy on a completely whiffed board.

But nanonoko doesn’t give up that easily and he soon had the match back to even, and continued to press the pedal to the metal. Throughout the early part of the match we see Lebedev’s calling all flop continuation bets, a fact that doesn’t seem to deter nanonoko from betting on every flop (a lesson to less experienced players).

One of the better hands in this match saw nanonoko raise with AcTc on the button and Lebedev call. Flop is 5c3s3d, Lew bets and Lebedev calls again, turn is a Ts, Lew bets and Lebedev calls. River is a meaningless Kc which completes nothing but is a very big scare card to made hands in Lebedev’s range of hands. Looking at this scary river nanonoko bets for value with second pair for about 80% of the 20k pot and gets a call from Lebedev with third pair.

The match ended with Lew on top, after Lebedev went all in with TdJs to Lew’s 2hAd. It was a very good match and we are definitely looking forward to more

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