Global Poker League – Day 2, Match 1: Nanonoko v Lebedev

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The match started as most HUSNGs do, with a back and forth exchange of blinds. Lebedev continues to play rather passively, check/calling in some sports where a raise is definitely a good option.

GPL – Day 2, Match 1: Hand #12

In the first interesting hand of the match, nanonoko opens 2.5x from the big blind with Jh9c and Lebedev calls with 7. The flop is 5h7d6s and Lebedev check calls a small continuation bet by Lew of about 30%. This is a spot where a raise is definitely good a lot of the time, especially if Lebedev reviewed the tape from the previous day’s match where nanonoko bet/called with middle pair and no backdoor on a pretty wet board. With so many problematic turns and rivers, playing this hand passively can often cost us. The action that followed lacked interest, the turn was checked by both and the river made a straight on the river which sergey stabbed at and won a small pot.

GPL – Day 2, Match 1: Hand #25

Hand #25 of the match continues to show why passive play can be the ruin of you as Lebedev limps with 9c8c from the big and calls a 3x raise from Lew who has KK. Flop locks Lebedev to the pot when it lands as 2d3c9s. a 4 on the turn and another on the 4 dooms Lebedev to giving up 3 streets of value.

GPL – Day 2, Match 1: Last Hand

The last hand of the match wasn’t very eventful, just like many last hands are. Its what gets you to that last hand that often matters much more. Lebedev raises from the big with AcKh to 3x, Randy jams his stack, Lebedev calls and loses. And so ends the 2nd match and the 2nd win for Randy over Lebedev.

GPL Day 2, Match 1 takeaways

2 powerful takeaways from this match for us here at Eu Poker
1. Passive play kills
2. When blinds get high, continuation betting as low as 25% can be just as effective as a half pot raise

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