Global Poker League 2nd day summary

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Day two of the Global Poker League was full of heads up matches. Unlike the 6-max matches we saw on the first day of the Global Poker League, which showed only player icons, in these heads up matches we get to see the players faces as they play, a nice added touch if you’re the kind of person who wonders what the inside of Jungleman or nanonoko’s living rooms look like. And in fact, some of the gestures these poker guys are making when they make a bad play are pretty damn funny so the cameras are definitely a nice touch.

Lew vs Lebedev

The first match of the day was between Randy Lew of the Hong Kong Stars and Sergey Lebedev of the Moscow Wolverines. The two poker stars already played yesterday, on Wendesday April 6th, 2016, a match that saw Randy Lew come out on top. If you’d like, get an analysis of the first match between Randy Lew and Sergey LebedevThese heads up matches are essentially sit n’ gos, and the patterns of play are not very different from what you would see in a $50 HUSNG. At the same time these are the biggest players so there are definitely interesting hands to analyze.
Randy and Lebedev’s first GPL match today was not very different from yesterday, and Randy Lew again came out on top. If you’re interested in an analysis of the key hands played in the match get the second match between Lew and Lebedev’s analysis here.

The second match of the day also went to Randy, there wasn’t much new going on between the two. It looks like the combination of bad cards and overall less decisive and more passive play by the Wolveriner Lebedev is leading him to suffer a few losses in a row. if you’d like deeper analysis of the second GPL match of the second day get it here

Cates vs Grospellier

The third and fourth matches of the day were possibly the most exciting and longest anticipated so far, featuring Daniel ‘Jungleman’ Cates from the Berlin Bears vs Grospellier from the Paris Aviators. Cates really took to using the skype chat feature and talked all throughout the game. We think we found the next star of the competition and its most definitely Daniel Cates. Cursing, postulating and humorous Daniel talked all through the match, giving a beautiful narration for the cooler that sealed the match and had Cates full house with TJ get beat by Grospellier better full house with pocket AA.

The fourth match of the day went to Grospellier as well in a hand where the French poker player baited Cates into c/raised his min bet and shoving all in with air.

Adams vs Bonomo

The fifth and sixth matches of the day were play by Timothy Adams of the Rome Emperors vs Justin Bonomo of the London Royals. Justin Bonomo won the first match with KdKc vs Adams TD7D which he shoved all in preflop. However we did see our first split of the day as Adams won the second match after a very nice showing.

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