Georgia poker regulation

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Poker is completely legal in Georgia! Not only is poker legal and popular in Georgia, but in fact all forms of gambling are completely legal and are only superficially regulated. It looks like Georgia has a very clear understanding of how the gambling industry fits within the country’s economy, as they have fostered its growth continually over the last few decades. In fact, one of the biggest gambling expos this year, the Georgia gaming congress, is taking place only a few weeks from now, on February 26th 2016, and we’re sure that plenty of interesting new gaming products will be revealed as part of the event.

Poker law in Georgia

As we mentioned before, poker is completely legal in Georgia. There have been recent attempts by the government to restrict games of chance only to players who are financially fit to play. Although this is very much a welcome update to the regulation, it is likely to carry a few mile-wide regulation loopholes for players & operators to slip through. Georgia simply makes too much money off gambling, with large chunks coming from tourists who flock to the country as the only gambling legal destination in the immediate area, to enforce very harsh regulation. At the same time Georgia is also a member state of the EU so that means that open border gambling is here to stay. If you search for news on regulation updates for Georgia in 2016 you’ll find a lot of discussion of the U.S state but nothing of the country, for any poker player with a mind this is great news and we applaud Georgia for its free borders policy towards poker.

playing poker in Georgia

Poker is everywhere in Georgia, like many other eastern European, states the country has a big internet café/club culture and poker has really blossomed within these cafes and clubs. if you’re looking to make serious cash we suggest you keep your eye open for tourists, whether you challenge them in the casino or host them in a weekly home game that nets you a few hundred euros each time. The last thing you want to do is going to the same breakeven game each week, if you find that your profits drop move and you’ll likely land in a better spot

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