European poker ring fencing

European poker is at a real risk of being completely ring fenced, damaging the livelihood of many players across the continent. Many European countries are choosing to protect local interests and ring fence the local player pool, even though players are notoriously against this sort of regulation by local governments. why do European countries continue to choose to ring fence their poker ecosystems? What can players do to fight these measures?

Before we can answer these important questions, lets first look at what ring fencing actually is:

ring fencing poker, or any ecosystem, means closing the ecosystem in such a way that it cannot interact with outside forces. For example, limiting the players of one country to play only with other members of the same country.

The gambling regulation trend in European Countries like Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, and more has been to limit the country’s poker players to play only with other poker players within their own country.  This creates smaller pools, with less money available for those living off the game to be able to win. In addition to some pretty high taxes in most of these countries (with Portugal being a nice exception), a ring fencing measure usually becomes the straw that breaks poker camel’s back and makes the game unviable as a source of income for too many players.

fighting poker ring-fencing

There is no solution but to speak out against these ring fencing measures to your local government, boycotts have started in Portugal and French poker players are notoriously outspoken about their country’s terrible regulation. The only thing to do is to speak to your representatives and make them understand that a free poker economy means more money for everyone, even the politicians taxing our income.

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