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Poker regulation in Europe is complicated, there are 49 countries and not everyone agrees on the right approach towards gambling regulation in the continent. Countries usually update their regulation on topical issues every 4-5 years or when regimes change, so if poker is not legal where you live the power is in your hand to make a change.

Poker in Europe

In some countries poker is not legal at all, in others its only legal in land based establishments, and in others playing poker is only legal online. There are 49 countries in Europe, you can find them all in the table below, of those 28 countries in Europe are members in the EU (interestingly enough NATO also has 28 members – not all of which are the same), 4 more countries are part of the EU economic area, and 17 countries are independent of leagues, unions, or other bodies.

EU Poker Regulation

In the EU Poker is broadly legal as part of the free trade spirit, but there are many countries across Europe where this is not the case. To help you navigate this maze of bureaucracy we’ve collected all the information we could find on Europe poker regulation in the table below, so check out the country that’s relevant to you or interests you and start digging into poker regulation.
There’s a clear wave of regulation towards legal poker in all formats, we’re very excited about seeing this unfold and congratulate the countries that have pushed the relevant legislations along.

Play poker in Euro

Poker in EU is played in Euro, and everywhere you’ll turn you can find real money euro poker sites and land based casinos that accept the currency. The biggest poker sites in Europe, and really all the biggest poker sites all accept Euro so you can feel secure that this will not be part of your issues when trying to deposit online to play real money poker.

legal poker

It’s important that you play in a poker site online that’s legal for you so you minimize the risk associated with online transactions and businesses. Find the best poker sites for you when you look at your country’s poker regulation in the table above

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