European Poker in mid 2016

This post is part of a series about starting poker in 2016

So how’s European Poker doing today, in 2016 and how will it do tomorrow in 2017 and beyond? A question that occupies us as well as many other poker players across Europe and the world.

nfortunately, it always looks like poker is on a downhill slope, if you look at trend numbers its very clear that poker today is not even near the pre chris money maker era, and we’re talking 2004 here, so what will become of poker?

European Poker Trends in 2016

So if we look at the top ten poker countries (and you can see the table below) we can see that European Poker is very much at the center of the industry. Out of the top ten countries in the world interested in poker we find 8 that are European: Romania, Portugal, Hungary, France, Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, Ireland.

We believe that what’s common to most of these countries and the root reason why poker will NOT die is that a salary of a €1,000 is considered to be very respectable, a salary that is still very achievable with poker after a few months with the right attitude, presence of mind, practice and training. This is not to say that everyone can make money playing poker at the best European poker sites but it can definitely create a comfortable side salary or even earn you a full living in some countries around Europe.

Poker trends

A shallow look at the overall poker trends indicates that people are very actively looking for gamification of poker, a good indication for the budding Global Poker League which we’ve been covering exclusively here. But are they doing enough? And if not, who will be the next poker giant that will capture that crowd?

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