European national lotteries are terrible

some people just enjoy gambling, not everyone wants the same thing. Not everyone wants to think deeply and analyze poker opponents, read into poker hand scenarios, making the wrong play and shutting your ego down so that you can learn… Even doing some math on the way. It’s not so hard to understand why the intoxicating feeling of winning some massive jackpot at a luxurious European casino will appeal to a lot of gamblers, even poker players, especially gamblers in debt who need money right now. But some gambles are just too bad to take, and the Lottery is one of those gambles that’s just not worth taking.

About National Lotteries

National lotteries capitalize on the dream of instant success and push a non-thinking gamble with really bad odds down people’s throats with promos that make it look incredibly reachable. Even European countries that completely ban gambling always have some form of national lottery monopoly, a body of the state that is entitled to do pretty much everything we keep other gambling establishments from doing. Lotteries can, and often do, advertise the sums of their jackpots extensively on all popular media channels, from television to newspapers, and even appeal to people’s emotions, promising poor people the idea of instant wealth and an escape from their lives.

Play poker instead

Seriously, play poker instead! Think about your gamble and play against weaker players than a freaking national organization that lays out billion to one odds. Poker sucks sometimes, but if you want instant high winnings you can play poker tournaments that reach millions. And if you just feel like a gamble, at least throw it at other hardworking people like you and not massive companies. Yes, it’s the lesser of two evils, but the national lottery is one big devil, and you should avoid it. If you enjoy the lottery I get it, and I hope I didn’t offend you, just play poker instead. Open your mind, and maybe win some pocket money, you’ll certainly have better odds.

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