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In Europe poker is legal. The European Union takes a strong stance in favor of gambling throughout the member countries. The European Commission website, in fact, has some very strong words to offer in favor of private operators

“operators licensed in one or more EU countries can offer gambling services in other countries without the authorization normally required in those other countries”

As well as some harsh words on the countries that try to limit the local availability of the industry

“the prevailing regulatory, societal and technical challenges related to gambling in the EU cannot be adequately met by countries acting individually”

If you’ve been following us, you know that we’ve been covering European poker regulation extensively over the past month, but any concept of regulation in the continent is incomplete without an understanding of the European Commission’s approach to the industry.

Poker’s Europe story

Poker’s Europe story is one of heavy acceptance, even if some countries still hold out and ban or limit poker play online. This spirit of change is largely due to a 2012 “communication” by the EC called “towards a comprehensive European framework on online gambling” which took control of some problems associated with gambling like underage play and fraud and then forced open compliance from European Countries.

Poker’s Europe future

The battle is still not over but the result is clear, poker will be legal in Europe within the next 5 years. Local governments will give up the fight and poker players everywhere in the content will pay freely without local oversight (and hopefully minimal taxes!!). We’re looking forward to that dream and will continue to push for it, are you with us?

Find the here at Eu Poker

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