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Join one of the best European poker sites today and get an exclusive poker perks package from Eu Poker. All you have to do is pick one of the European poker websites below, make a deposit and you’ll get a guaranteed high poker welcome bonus, weekly cash back, as well as exclusive races and tournaments. Your very own poker career manager will contact you by mail as soon as you deposit, she will answer all of your questions and escort you during your play at Eu Poker. Need to make first contact? Email us at to get started today!

Best European Poker Sites

The best poker bonus for you will become a big reason of why you win at poker. 2016 is the year of reduced poker cash back, and many poker sites in Europe, like Pokerstars, are lowering benefits for all levels of poker play. The best European poker sites offer the highest poker welcome bonuses, high percentage poker rake back, as well as security, comfort and accessibility. We vet hundreds of poker websites to make sure they fit these criteria so you don’t have to! We do the research for you and find the best combination of poker deals and quality customer service in European poker.

Highest EU Poker Bonuses

When you visit an online poker website, you always see a bonus on the homepage but this bonus is not always the same for all players, and you may be getting a worse bonus without knowing! Online poker websites can detect where you’re from and often also what your past habits are and offer different poker first deposit bonuses depending on many factors outside of your control as a poker player – the only way to get the poker deposit bonus you want is by contacting a poker affiliate, like Eu Poker. As a poker player you are limited to what the poker sites offer you, but when Eu Poker gets you poker bonuses they are guaranteed to be the best. After 11 years in the business we have the knowledge, the connections and the experience to negotiate the best poker deal for you. If you feel you need a better bonus don’t hesitate to contact us now so we can start tailor-fitting you with the poker bonus you deserve.

Claiming your poker bonuses

If you want to get one of the poker bonuses above, make sure to click on the play now button and finish your registration and deposit in one go. This way there won’t be any mistakes on the way that will lead to you losing your bonus; you deserve a guaranteed large poker welcome bonus on your deposit and finishing your registration and deposit quickly is the best way to do it.
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Best European poker sites – bitcoin

Playing poker in bitcoin in 2016 is very popular, and many of the best poker websites online today allow players to deposit with bitcoin. When you play poker in bitcoin your money usually gets converted to another currency (either euros or dollars) for the actual gameplay. If you want to play with bitcoin today, try a great new small room with too many Asian fish and a whopping deposit bonus of 300% up to 200. At ourgame poker you will be able to play poker in Euros as well as USD so you can pick your favorite currency and start playing today.

Best European poker sites – Euros

Every respectable European poker website accepts Euros, you can play poker in Euros in partypoker, Ladbrokes poker, bwin poker, and all of the other great European poker websites listed in the table above. Conversions between currencies are usually free in all poker websites so we recommend you look for the best table and not stick to one currency.