Estonia poker regulation

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Poker is legal in Estonia since 2010, together with many other forms of land based and online gambling. In fact, Estonia, a tiny nation of 1.5 million citizens, has made itself a home for the industry and you can find casinos almost anywhere in Estonia.

Poker law in Estonia

Poker has been lawful in Estonia since the law regulating casino activities came into place in 2010. The Estonian gambling act creates the framework for applying for a gambling license in the country, the terms are relatively achievable in relation to other regulations due to the hospitable nature of the country

  1. Operators must be Estonian entities and games must be held at Estonia based server
  2. Operators must apply for a license in order to hold games on land or online, licensing fees are according to the type of gambling activity
    1. Skill games (poker) and sport betting – 32,000 euro
    2. Gambling – 50,000 euro
  3. Operator licenses are given out for a period of 5 years
  4. Operators must pay tax equal to a percentage of their gross gaming revenue, taxes differ for land based and online operators:
    1. Land based tax – 18%
    2. Online tax – 5%
  5. Operators are not required to segregate Estonian poker players from the general player pool.

The original gambling law saw an amendment in 2011, lifting the ban on non-Estonian entities, and with it Estonia enters modernity as one of the most open country to the Industry. Once poker became legal, Pokerstars, poker ambassador to the world, became the first brand to launch in the country and is holding some pretty big live events in the country.

Poker in Estonia in 2016

Poker in Estonia, is free and legal so there is no reason to be concerned. Taxes are charged from the operators and players can play anywhere they like as long as the poker site has a license. We recommend you use all opportunities in the country to make money, there are many to be had, and don’t settle on any poker site or poker room for too long.

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