Denmark poker regulation

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Poker is legal in Denmark, both online and in casinos, as part of the casino gambling regulation enacted in the country. This set of laws on gambling covers and allows roulette, blackjack, baccarat and gaming machines (slots), as well as what Denmark defines as combination games – games that involve skill + luck – such as Backgammon. Games that are purely luck based like lotto, scratch, and bingo, are not allowed as part of casino play in the country.

Danish Poker regulation history

Before wave of regulation in 2012, Denmark had a gambling monopoly much like poker regulation in Finland or poker regulation in Sweden, fortunately they chose the path of least resistance with the European Comission and passed regulation allowing legal private operations of online casinos based on licensing in 2012. Ever since the online casino regulation came into place Denmark has become a model of order and organization. Every regulator in the world should go to the Danish gambling regulator website, because they can certainly learn a thing or two. Secured by ssl like a modern site should be and available in English as well native language, the site lists in an extremely organized way 36 private parties that hold legal licenses in the country, between those parties they lay claim to 122 legal gambling domains, some of which are still under construction.

Playing poker in Denmark

There are very few countries that allow their poker players as many options as Denmark, especially since Danish gambling law does not require ring-fencing or any other limits for the player pool. Many of the best European poker sites are legally available in Denmark so you have many options.
Poker brands in Denmark

Danish poker operator criteria

In order to apply for a five year online casino license the operator must pay a 35,10EUR fee to the state. If the operator wishes to apply for a combined casino and sport license then the fees go up to a 50,000EUR. Once the license is received the operator must pay a yearly tax based on the Gross Gaming revenue for that year, the minimum yearly fee for the smallest gross gaming revenue bracket is 7,028.52EUR, the highest fee is about 21,000EUR and this is for gross gaming revenue of more than 13,000,000EUR per year – goes to show how healthy the poker economy in Denmark truly is.

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