Ceasars update – Bankruptcy or total domination in 2016?

There’s a lot of mystery already this year surrounding what is happening over Caesars in 2016. A declaration of bankruptcy has been filed but could very well be dismissed, as the value of Ceasars is reportedly worth a staggering $18 Billion. A bankruptcy strategy could very well be a way out of paying taxes as new owners may take over soon under better terms!

Caesars casino scandal revealed

While the truth is still hidden and reports remain sealed, a judge assigned to the case by the name of Benjamin Goldgar has not yet decided whether he will dismiss the case or convert it from Chapter 11 to Chapter 7 liquidation This is following last year’s ordered investigation by independent investigators to strip the casino unit of its best asset, that being said the report was requested to remain private as there was a ‘good Caesar’ vs bad Caesars’ scenario created as a result of the investigation and the order
The report, which is expected to be ready as early as late February – is still being appealed as a full report and public summary is considered to be released Regardless of the outcome this is expected to be a game changer and while this is more about the offline business it will make an impact on the online US brands so stay tuned and return to eupoker.com for more updates as to what happens with this caseCeasars update – Bankruptcy or total domination in 2016?

US poker regulation is coming!

The US will have regulated poker soon, regardless of the outcome of this most recent casino scandal, there are too many signs pointing towards the fact that the trend has started, states understand the tax benefits, and players are demanding the ability to play. Regulated poker will once again be a mainstream of American culture and the country that brought us iconic figures like Moneymaker, durr & Ivey will rise again as a poker powerhouse.

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