European Casinos – a bad gamble

European Casinos are a terrible gamble, even if we love them. We know you know why, but let’s go over it again.
A few days ago I ranted about European National Lotteries, because they are a bad gamble and I really believe they’re a waste of everybody’s hard earned money. In light of the comments we received – who would’ve thought European poker players cared so much about lotteries – some of which were very funny and others that were not so pleasant, I think it’s time I also give you my thoughts on European casinos (these thoughts of course do not represent eupoker in any way  ).
For those of you who didn’t like the last post about European Nation Lotteries then let me tell you that you might not like this one much either.

Casino s are a bad gamble

Casinos, our home, the floor that hosts our beloved poker felt, is full to the brim with terrible gambles. Slot machines, still a crowd favorite for some reason, even though they require no thought and involve staring at rotating images and are a stated losing gamble, are a terrible gamble that some people just can’t seem to avoid. There’s something intoxicating about these spinning images, I won’t lie, but they are a terrible gamble. Roulette, also a crowd favorite, and for some reason it’s a game that’s very attractive to male gamblers, is such a terrible gamble and people pour thousands of euros into them.

play poker instead

Yes, play poker instead, even if you don’t feel like thinking and you just feel like gambling away your money, just play poker instead. Use your boredom like a weapon and smash into your competition with aggression, bluff ‘em all but just play poker instead. You can get the best European poker deals with Eu Poker, so what are you waiting for?

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