Boycotting pokerstars?

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As you probably know the hottest issue in the poker world today is the ongoing boycott of pokerstars by top professional poker players from all across the world.

Pokerstars boycot – did you know?

in 2016 Pokerstars is planning some changes to its VIP program and the end result is that the top vip levels will see a significant decrease in money back / rake back percentages relative to what they are getting now. It is expected that platinum VIPs will see a decrease of 10% in earnings, while supernova players will see a decrease of 27% in money recieved. The supernova reward program is usually for 2 years as you know, so players are understandably outraged after working all year and getting to this esteemed status.

Now in all fairness poker stars is enacting these measures because they are meant to help newer players enjoy higher benefits, its hard to see how this will happen now but we’re holding our fingers crossed Pokerstars.

Poker Players are outraged!

So poker players are rebelling, and to be honest, it is a sight for sore eyes! After everything our beloved game has gone through, its good to see that some of us are still joining the fight to get what is right for them and for future poker players everywhere who rely on this game for a monthly salary, pocket money, or just honest fun that doesn’t cost a fortune.



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